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Mobile Bicycle Repairs

Mobile service order pickups are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We understand sometimes you just can't get out of the house when you need your bike serviced, so we are offering FREE bicycle pickup and drop-off on all service orders over $70 to San Diego area residents. 

Just simply click "Book a Pickup" below, select a two hour time block and fill out the questions on the following pages and we will pickup your bike and return it upon completion. Due to the need to serve the most of you possible, we can not guarantee arrival at the top of the hour; however, we will arrive within the two hour timeframe to get your bike.

 Don't have $70 worth of labor to be done? No worries! Parts, items from the store, and special orders ALL count toward the total.

Don't see what you're looking for? No worries - our expert mechanics are able to provide full service to ALL types, brands, and models of bikes! Just give us a call at (619) 523-2453 Ext. 120 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Please note that all of the following service prices reflect labor only. The cost of parts varies upon what is required for your bike or the specific parts you request.




Your bikes basic checkup.  We'll set-up and lube your chain and gears, set proper tension to major points, plus give the wheels a tension and true.

  • Torque All Major Points
  • Check Parts for Wear
  • Derailleur Indexing and Limiting
  • Brake Centering
  • Minor Wheel Truing
  • Frame Wipedown
  • Lubricate Pivot Points




Annual Service and Cleaning.  Preventative care is the best performance policy.  We'll strip, clean and lube all of the gears, polish the frame, set up brakes, true and tension the wheels

Good Tune-Up Plus:

  • Bottom Bracket Remove-Adjust-Install
  • Detailed Frame Cleaning
  • Cable-Housing Replacement*
  • Bar Tape/Handlebar Grips Installation*
  • Minor Drivetrain Cleaning
  • Brake Setup & Adjust
  • Hub Adjustments
  • Clean/Re-lube Pawls

*Labor Only - Parts not included




Make your bike as good as new, We'll perform a complete rebuild, install any new parts and get you rolling with new tires and grips.

  • Better Tune-Up Plus:
  • A Total Overhaul, Including:
  • Derailleur Rebuild*
  • Headset Removal, Installation, & Repack
  • Hub Rebuild & Repack*
  • Lubricate Spoke Nipples
  • Install/Repack New Bearings in Wheels, Hubs, Headset, & Bottom Bracket*
  • Remove, Lubricate, & Loc-Tite all Frame Component Fasteners

*Labor Only - Parts not included

A-La-Carte Service

Prices Vary

We also offer individual bike services  for those times when you just need to keep it simple. The following are just a few examples from our comprehensive list of services.

  • Shock repair service: $150-$155
  • Dropper Post Installation*: $60
  • Hydraulic Brake Line Bleed: $35 per line
  • Clincher Tire/Tube Installation*: $15
  • Tubless Tire Installation*: $30
  • Tubular Tire Installation/Add Glue*: $80
  • Derailleur Adjustment: $20 - $35
  • Wheel Truing: $25 - $50
  • Bar Tape Install*: $25
  • Pack Bike For Shipping: $125 - $175

*Labor Only - Parts not included