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Parlee Cycles Brand Guide

"Targeted Performance Meets Tailor-Made Fit"

Bob Parlee founded Parlee Cycles in 2000 and aimed to build the best performance road bikes in the world by perfecting carbon fiber designs. By focusing on performance over unnecessary style features, Parlee is able to build incredibly light frames that are stiff in places where power transfer and stability matter while being compliant enough for comfortable all-day rides.

Parlee pioneered the first fully customizable road racing frames over a decade ago and has helped tons of riders find a bike that fits great and rides like a champion. When you buy a Parlee, you can trust that your bike was engineered with the utmost attention to detail and, more importantly, results on the road. No marketing gimmicks or unnecessary design styles, just performance, plain and simple.

All-Road + Gravel Bikes

Parlee's Chebacco line gets its name from the rough roads in Essex County, Massachusetts, where rides often turn into adventures. This line features a 100% carbon fiber frame with disc brakes, 40mm tire clearance, and hidden fender mounts for a super versatile bike that will handle whatever you ask of it. Whether you want to race gravel events, or explore off the beaten path, the Chebacco has got your back.

The Chebacco utilizes many of the same performance enhancing design features as Parlee's road race models, but with a few adjustments for a more smooth, more stable ride like a lower bottom bracket, slacker head tube angle, and wider chainstays and seatstays. The point is, "You don’t need three different bikes for cyclocross racing, gravel grinding and winter road riding. You just need one Parlee."

Chebacco 105

Price: $3,499.00

Chebacco Ultegra Di2

Price: $4,999.00

Chebacco 4S SE 105

Price: $3,999.00

Chebacco 4S SE Ultegra

Price: $4,499.00

Chebacco 4S SE Ultegra Di2

Price: $5,499.00

Chebacco LE Ultegra

Price: $4,899.00

Chebacco LE Ultegra Di2

Price: $6,199.00

Chebacco LE Dura-Ace

Price: $6,999.00

Chebacco LE eTap

Price: $7,549.00

Chebacco LE Dura-Ace Di2

Price: $7,999.00

Rim Brake Road Bikes

Ride quality is Parlee's highest priority and the Altum certainly delivers. It's the next step in a category ruled by the Z series in years past, and represents all the advancements and performance that Parlee has continually striven to develop. New features include added tire clearance for 28mm and a fork that's stiffer and lighter, but the absolute best part about the Altum is the way it responds to rider input and performs on the road.

You'll be amazed how a bike this light feels so stable and comfortable and how it tackles corners with speed and confidence. The key is in the expertly designed carbon lay up strategy. Some areas of the frame are built up to increase power transfer and add stiffness where more stress occurs like the head tube and bottom bracket. Other areas that are under less stress are kept lighter to offer more compliance and help keep the overall frame weight down.

Altum 105

Price: 3,499.00

Altum Ultegra

Price: $3,999.00

Altum Ultegra Di2

Price: $4,999.00

Altum LE Ultegra

Price: $4,899.00

Altum LE Ultegra Di2

Price: $6,199.00

Altum LE Dura-Ace

Price: $6,999.00

Altum LE eTap

Price: $7,499.00

Altum LE Dura-Ace Di2

Price: $7,999.00

Disc Brake Road Bikes

The Altum Disc brings you the same ride quality with all weather stopping power. The disc model frames use the same carbon lay up and geometry as the non disc models, but features a modular rear dropout that accepts QR135 or thru-axel 142mm wheels.

The fork is also specially built for the greater braking forces of the flat-mount disc brakes and uses a 12mm thru-axle design for added stiffness and steering precision. The Altum Disc is compatible with both mechanical and hydraulic brakes and rotor sizes from 140-160mm.

Altum Disc 105

Price: $4,399.00

Altum Disc LE Ultegra

Price: $4,899.00

Altum Disc LE Dura-Ace

Price: $6,999.00

Altum Disc LE eTap HRD

Price: $7,499.00

Altum Disc LE Dura-Ace Di2

Price: $7,999.00

Altum Disc Frameset

Price: $4,299.00

Time Trial + Triathlon

The TTiR is the world's fastest triathlon and time trial bike, and it will help you break new ground in your next race. It's light as a feather and beats the competition when it comes to aerodynamics. The TTiR's disc brakes allow you to brake later and with more power and control than ever before so you keep as much speed as possible, and Speed Shield carbon fairings hide the calipers and rotors from the wind to reduce drag without overheating.

Comfort is essential when gunning for your fastest time, and with the TTiR's highly adjustable cockpit, you fatigue less and perform your best. Plus, you'll get front and rear thru axles for better power transfer and fast, easy wheel changes. If you want to give yourself every possible advantage, you'll want to be riding the TTiR.

TTiR LE Ultegra

Price: $5,999.00


Price: $8,299.00

TTiR LE Dura-Ace Di2

Price: $8,999.00