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Moment Bicycles is your Specialized Dealer in San Diego

Specialized is a household name in the cycling world. They've been leaders in the the bicycle industry for decades, and the effort and diligence they have cultivated as a business has helped them lead the charge into what has become a fast paced, ever improving cycling industry. Since 1974, Specialized has been a "by riders, for riders" company, and that shows no signs of changing. As riders have striven to go farther and faster over increasingly varied terrain, Specialized has continued to innovate in order to push the boundaries of what's possible on bikes. Know that when you buy a Specialized, you're getting a product from people who know and people who care.

Specialized Electric Bikes

Specialized electric bikes amplify your own power to push your farther and faster. A battery powered motor kicks in as you pedal and you control the amount of boost you get. The best part? They look and feel almost exactly like a normal bike. With a geometry specifically designed around the electric platform, these E-bikes handle great and allow you to do more on two wheels. Commuters will love the ease of traversing towns, and off road riders will appreciate the ability to tackle longer rides with more difficult terrain. It's all the greatness of pedal power with even more power.

Electric Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

Specialized Electric BikeSpecialized Electric Mountain Bike

Specialized Mountain Bikes

"Since there've been mountain bikes, there've been Stumpjumpers." Specialized has been a part of the mountain bike movement since its conception, and ever since they have been striving to broaden the possibilities of what's possible on a bike. With tons of different styles to choose from, there's a Specialized for everyone no matter where or how you ride.

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

29er (29-inch) Mountain Bikes

Specialized Front Suspension Mountain BikeSpecialized Full Suspension Mountain BikeSpecialized 29 Inch Mountain Bike

27.5 / 650B Mountain Bikes

Fat Bikes

Mountain Bike Frames

Specialized 27.5 Inch Mountain BikeSpecialized Fat BikeSpecialized Mountain Frame

Specialized Road Bikes

Since its humble beginnings, Specialized has made performance and innovation its guiding principles. Their dedication to research and testing has continually led them to develop groundbreaking materials, designs, and technologies that result in big wins at every level of cycling. They were one of the first brands to experiment with lightweight carbon fiber, and they built a wind tunnel to study aerodynamics before just about anyone. You'll find all that work comes together perfectly in a road bike that's proven in the lab and on the course. Give yourself the Specialized advantage.

Performance Road Bikes


Triathlon Bikes


Road Frames

Specialized Performance Road BikeSpecialized Triathlon BikeSpecialized Road Bike Frame

Cyclocross Bikes


Adventure + Gravel Bikes


Specialized Cyclocross BikeSpecialized Adventure/Gravel Bike

Specialized Fitness, Hybrid and Commuter Bikes

If you're looking to be a little more active, Specialized has great options that will help you enjoy your time on two wheels. Fitness bikes are essentially road bikes with flat handlebars so you are more upright, comfortable, and have great visibility. They are light and speedy so you can get in a good workout or get across town in a flash. Hybrids and commuters have wider tires, an upright geometry, and sometimes even a front shock to keep a smile on your face as you enjoy your active life.

Fitness Bikes


Hybrid and Commuter Bikes

Specialized Fitness BikeSpecialized Hybrid/Commuter Bike

Specialized Kids' Bikes

You probably remember your first bike - it was a big deal. It got you out of the house, helped you meet friends, encouraged you to explore, and it was really, really fun. Specialized makes some of the best kids' bikes out there, so you can feel confident that you're making not only a purchase that's safe, but also one that encourages your child's development.

Balance/Running Bikes


12 Inch Kids' Bikes


16 Inch Kids' Bikes

Specialized Kids' Balance BikeSpecialized Kids' 12 Inch BikeSpecialized Kids' 16 Inch Bike
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20 Inch Kids' Bikes

24 inch Kids' Bikes

Specialized Kids' 20 Inch BikeSpecialized Kids' 24 Inch Bike