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Parlee Cycles TTiR Disc - 2017

Parlee Cycles TTiR Disc
$5,799.00 - $14,799.00
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Building on the success of the TTi, the all-new TTiR represents the most advanced triathlon bike ever built by Parlee. Like its predecessor, this new machine benefits from unique airfoil technologies paired with a ride quality, comfort and precision fit that no other time trial bike in the world can match.

It’s impossible to pinpoint one single factor that makes the TTiR so special. It’s a combination of things. Craftsmanship, aero engineering, athlete testing —each plays a role.

When it comes to aero performance, the numbers don’t lie. Not only is the TTiR one of the lightest time trial/triathlon bikes in the world, but wind-tunnel tests show it to be one of the fastest and most efficient in a wide range of riding conditions.

But that’s just part of the story. The other part is the obsessive commitment to ride quality that defines the Parlee brand. We built our name on creating lightweight, high-performance carbon frames that, compared to off-the-shelf options from major manufacturers, fit like a glove and ride like a dream. The TTiR is no different. It’s faster, yes. But it’s also more enjoyable to ride.