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Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk Frameset

Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk Frameset
  • Color: Black Matte
  • Color: Team Ineos
  • Color: Black on Black
  • Color: Galaxy Blue
  • Color: Uranus Black/Red
  • Color: Osium White
  • Color: Meteor Red
  • Color: Venus Orange
  • Color: Vertigo Blue
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The Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk sets the sky as the limit when you start to build it up to be your next dream bike. It comes in 13 different sizes, from 42cm to 62cm, as well as a plethora of color variations. Additional improvements were made by internally routing cables and enhancing the aerodynamics of the handlebar and headset interface, making the ride that much smoother. The F12 Disk is a bike designed from top down for disc brakes. Pinarello refactored the layup of their Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nano-alloy Technology: to make certain that the points that withstand the greatest forces through braking have been thoroughly reinforced.


Frame Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology
Fork Fork ONDA F12 with ForkFlap™
Front Derailleur BRAZED ON
Rear Derailleur Bottom Pull
Brakes Flat Mount Disk

* Subject to change without notice.


Pinarello 2020 Dogma F12

The Pinarello Dogma F12 is the latest aerodynamic weapon from the Italian cycling brand.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Black Matte / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-BLCK
Black Matte / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-BLCK
Black Matte / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-BLCK
Black Matte / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-BLCK
Black Matte / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-BLCK
Black Matte / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-BLCK
Black Matte / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-BLCK
Black Matte / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-BLCK
Black Matte / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-BLCK
Black Matte / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-BLCK
Black Matte / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-BLCK
Black Matte / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-BLCK
Black Matte / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-BLCK
Team Ineos / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-INEO
Team Ineos / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-INEO
Team Ineos / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-INEO
Team Ineos / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-INEO
Team Ineos / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-INEO
Team Ineos / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-INEO
Team Ineos / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-INEO
Team Ineos / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-INEO
Team Ineos / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-INEO
Team Ineos / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-INEO
Team Ineos / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-INEO
Team Ineos / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-INEO
Team Ineos / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-INEO
Black on Black / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-BOBB
Black on Black / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-BOBB
Black on Black / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-BOBB 210000079811
Black on Black / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-BOBB
Black on Black / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-BOBB 210000076813
Black on Black / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-BOBB 77482
Black on Black / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-BOBB 210000079986
Black on Black / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-BOBB 210000067799
Black on Black / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-BOBB
Black on Black / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-BOBB
Black on Black / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-BOBB
Black on Black / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-BOBB
Black on Black / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-BOBB
Galaxy Blue / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-BLUE 78555
Galaxy Blue / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-BLUE
Galaxy Blue / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-BLUE
Uranus Black/Red / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-BKRD 71378
Uranus Black/Red / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-BKRD 72203
Uranus Black/Red / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-BKRD
Uranus Black/Red / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-BKRD
Osium White / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-WHIT
Osium White / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-WHIT
Osium White / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-WHIT
Osium White / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-WHIT
Osium White / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-WHIT
Osium White / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-WHIT 72204
Osium White / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-WHIT
Osium White / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-WHIT
Osium White / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-WHIT
Osium White / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-WHIT
Osium White / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-WHIT 78554
Osium White / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-WHIT
Osium White / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-WHIT
Meteor Red / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-REDD
Meteor Red / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-REDD
Meteor Red / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-REDD
Meteor Red / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-REDD
Meteor Red / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-REDD
Meteor Red / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-REDD
Meteor Red / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-REDD
Meteor Red / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-REDD
Meteor Red / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-REDD
Meteor Red / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-REDD
Meteor Red / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-REDD
Meteor Red / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-REDD
Meteor Red / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-REDD
Venus Orange / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-ORNG
Venus Orange / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-ORNG
Venus Orange / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-ORNG
Venus Orange / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-ORNG
Venus Orange / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-ORNG
Venus Orange / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-ORNG
Venus Orange / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-ORNG
Venus Orange / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-ORNG
Venus Orange / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-ORNG
Venus Orange / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-ORNG
Venus Orange / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-ORNG
Venus Orange / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-ORNG
Venus Orange / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-ORNG
Vertigo Blue / 42cm PI-20-F12D-42-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 44cm PI-20-F12D-44-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 46cm PI-20-F12D-46-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 47cm PI-20-F12D-47-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 50cm PI-20-F12D-50-VERT 78556
Vertigo Blue / 51cm PI-20-F12D-51-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 53cm PI-20-F12D-53-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 54cm PI-20-F12D-54-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 55cm PI-20-F12D-55-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 56cm PI-20-F12D-56-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 57cm PI-20-F12D-57-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 59cm PI-20-F12D-59-VERT
Vertigo Blue / 62cm PI-20-F12D-62-VERT